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Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B

China Hangzhou Suntech Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Hangzhou Suntech Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B

Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B
Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B

Large Image :  Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B

Product Details:
Place of Origin: ZHEJIANG, CHINA
Brand Name: HXTG
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: ZT-80F-B
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD500.00/SET-USD600.00/SET
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 20days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T

Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B

Product Name: Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader Scope Of Application: 1/2-3''
Power: 1300W Die Head: Swift Open Type Copying Die Head
Function: Multi Purpose Key Words: Internal Thread Rolling Machine
Color: Red / Can Be Customized Weight: 105/85KG
Application: Pipe Cutting & Threading Packing Size: 77*55*59cm
High Light:

1300W Portable Electric Pipe Threader


3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader


Automatic Electric Pipe Threader

ZT-80F-B Wholesale Professional Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader



This machine is applicable to cutting, threading and inner hole chamfering (the chamferer is optional) of pipes for water, electricity and gas, and has the copying device able to automatically cut the standard taper pipe thread, with a reliable clamping device and an advanced cooling & lubrication system. Therefore, adopting this machine can lengthen the service life of the threading die, and avoid the deformation & slipping of the pipe clamp, so as to obtain the high-quality taper pipe thread. This machine is widely used in equipment installation, building and other industries, regarded as the ideal equipment to improve work efficiency, accelerate project progress, guarantee project quality and reduce labor intensity. (It is an ordinary round-steel threading machine, only applicable to the ordinary round-steel threading. The operating mode and machine structure are basically the same.)



1. 2 speed for high efficient threading
2.1300w copper sensing motor ,small noise, long use life
3. Exclusive hard tooth-surface high-speed gearbox, no lever change, full-dimension thread at one time
4. Jagged hammer panel design, firm clamp pipe, convenient operation
5. Standard collocation of swiff open type copying die hesa, automatic retraction, high efficiency
6. Double guide post cutting knife is accurate and durable
7. Large modulus oblique gear main shaft gear, super-large torque for easy transmission.
8. Selection of high efficiency, quality and performance-price ratio.


Technical data

Product Name ZT-80F-A Good Quality 1/2 - 3 Pipe Threading Machine Powerful Power Drive Pipe Threader
Rotational speed of main shaft 25 r/min
Model of die head Swift Open Type Copying Die Head
Scope of application 1/2-3"
Power of motor: 1300w
Gross net weight 105kg/85kg
Packing dimension 770mm*550mm*590mm
Item Contemporary automatic pipe threading machine
Key word internal thread rolling machine


Detail photos

Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B 0


Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B 1


Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B 2


Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B 3


Custom 1300W Automatic 3 Inch Portable Electric Pipe Threader ZT-80F-B 4

Operation guide:

A. Installation of pipe clamp:

(1) Loosen front and rear chucks, put in the pipe from one side of rear chuck.

(2) Grasp the pipe with right hand, tighten rear chuck first and then tighten front chuck, to fix the pipe. Properly tighten the hammer panel in counter-clockwise direction, so as to clamp the pipe firmly.

(3) After completing threading and chamfering, push the hammer panel in an opposite direction, so as to loosen the chuck.

(4) When clamping a short pipe, the short pipe shall have bevel connection with threading die. In this way, the pipe can determine the center correctly when front chuck is tightened.

B. Preparation for threading

(1) Choose threading die and die head according to your need.

(2) Install threading dies into die head according to their number.

(3) Pull the handle, to lock the threading die.

(4) Adjust the spacing to required scale line.

(5) According to pipe size, adjust scale line of die head to required position, and lock the handle nut.

C. Threading:

(1) Pull the cutting knife frame and chamferer; put down die head to touch the copying block. After reliable positioning of die head, press the button to start the machine.

(2) Rotate the pipe in anti-clockwise direction, rotate the hand wheel of cutting feed, and make die head get close to the pipe.

(3) Apply force to the hand wheel of cutting feed, until die head makes 3 ~4 threads on the pipe.

(4) Then, loosen the hand wheel of cutting feed, so the machine starts automatic threading. When roller of die head goes over copying block and falls down, threading die will open automatically and the threading is completed (Z13 T–M18 threading machine is required to turn back to make the threading die exit). Z1T–50A threading die shall be loosened manually.

(5) Machine halt. Return to the carriage, until the whole die head exits pipe end. Pull out die head, lock the handle and pull up the die head.

D. Points for attention during threading:

(1) When threading die touches the pipe, gradually increase the force to tighten hand wheel of cutting feed until threading die bites 3~4 teeth into the pipe. If applying a small force to hand wheel of cutting feed and making it synchronize with threading die, higher quality threads will be produced.

(2) Pay attention to extension distance of the pipe. If it is too short, die head will collide with front chuck and the machine will be damaged.

E. Thread specification adjustment:

Thread specification adjustment position has been demarcated before leaving factory. If necessary, demarcate it again according to the following method. For example, produce 2" pipe threads:

(1) The part marked with 2" specification in the pitch-regulated component is adjusted to the corresponding position.

(2) Loosen screws at both ends of graduated scale of die head, move the graduated scale, align scale line with index line, and tighten the screws again.

F. Dismantle threading die:

(1) Loosen handle nut of die head, move it to the farthest end and wrench it slightly.

(2) Move the copying block in right direction, until die head roller touches base plate (basal plane). Then, get out the threading die.

G. Installation of threading die:

Insert corresponding threading die into die grooves in sequence. When inserting threading die, please note that: threading dies are prepared in sets, so they shall be used in sets. When one threading die is damaged, the other three threading dies shall be replaced at the same time, in order not to affect threading quality.

Note: when threading die is inserted to correct depth of die groove, its locking gap shall engage with locking key of curve plate. Then, wrench the curve plate, and the threading die will be positioned correctly.

H. Cutting and chamfering: regarding cutting or chamfering, cut before chamfer it.


(1) Pull up chamferer and die head to above the pipe.

(2) Put down cutting knife frame, and turn the cutting knife handle. Increase the opening of cutting knife frame, so roller of cutting knife frame strides over the pipe.

(3) Rotate hand wheel of cutting feed, and move the cutting knife to required cutting position.

(4) Rotate handle of cutting knife, so cutting knife and the pipe are clamped.

(5) Start the machine, slowly rotate the handle of cutting knife, so cutting knife blade cuts into the pipe. When the pipe is rotated for one circle or several circles, the handle of cutting knife is rotated for 1/4 circle.

After cutting is completed, exit feeding screw of cutting knife and pull the cutting knife frame to original position.

Warning: if the handle of cutting knife is rotated too violently, when cutting knife is cut into the pipe, the pipe may be deformed, cutting knife wheel may be broken and cutting knife seat may be cracked.


(1) Pull up the die head and cutting knife, place the speed-regulated handle on the high-gear position, pull down the chamferer, push the knife bar towards the pipe direction, and make the chamferer handle rotate 1/4 circumference to lock the knife handle.

(2) Start the machine, rotate hand wheel of cutting feed, and push the chamferer to inner bore of the pipe.

(3) Stop the machine after completing the work, draw back the knife bar, and raise the chamferer to idle position.


Common Faults and Solutions

Common faults



1. Motor doesn’t work or work with intermittent sound

1. Fuse is burnt down

2. The plug is not well connected

3. The internal part of the cable is broken

4. The button switch is not well connected

5. 100UF Capacitor breakdown

6. Environment temperature is too low, and lubricating grease solidifies.


1. Detect the broken part with a multimeter and use a new fuse

2. Replace the plug or socket

3. Replace the power cord

4. Replace the switch

5. Use a new capacitor

6. Operate indoor or help it to start up

2. Pipe fails to be fixed and slips during threading

1. Insufficient hammering force

2. Clamping jaw tip turns over

3. One clamping jaw tip breaks or has a gap


1. Hammer hard

2. Adjust clamping jaw tip

3. Use a new clamping jaw tip

3. Cutting knife fails to cut, and fails to produce proper threads

1. Sharp corner of cutting knife is worn out and becomes an arc

2. Pin roll of cutting knife is worn out

3. Cutting force is insufficient


1. Replace cutting knife blade

2. Replace pin roll

3. Cut more vigorously

4. Knife cannot cut during threading

1. Opening of threading die is too small at the start of threading

2. Several teeth of knife head are broken

3. Knife head doesn’t match

4. There is scrap iron in die groove


1. Use threading die correctly

2. Replace knife

3. Re-install knife head

4. Clean threading die head

5. Front chuck loosens and falls down

Screws loosen due to long-term use


Inspect them timely

Important Notice

1. This machine shall be used with reliable grounding and anti-creep device.

2. Children are prohibited from touching this machine to avoid injury.

3. This machine shall not use the same socket with large-power machines, such as electric welding machine.

4. Pipe clamps shall not be installed on the machine, to avoid cracking of main components such as the cabinet.

5. Saponified solution shall not be used for cooling, such as water.

6. When above 2½″ pipe thread is made, it is required to adopt the low-gear processing mode, 7. When leaving factory, centrality of the machine has been measured, but pipes on the market have certain ovality at present. After machining, screw threads may be deep on one side and shallow on the other side. If they affect use, please check the quality of pipes.



1. How to get a accurate quotation from us?
Provide us the detail of the material such as metal thickness and width.
2. What’s the shipping cost from China to your country?
We can send machine to your port or door address by sea or airplane. Please kindly tell us your nearest port or address with postcode.We have reliable shipping agent to insure the safe, convenient and timely delivery.
3. Payment terms, MOQ, warranty, FOB?
Payment terms: 30% TT paid in advance, the balance of 70% before the shipment.
Minimum order quantity: 1 set.
FOB :Shanghai/Ningbo
Delivery time :7 days after receipt of formal order and 30% deposit.
Warranty:12 months.
4. What’s the package?
Fumigation-free plywood case.
5. What about commissioning service?
We can offer commissioning service, the buyer need to afford plane tickets.
6. What’s policy for guarantee and broken parts?
Warranty period of equipment lasts a year, during which the broken parts and spares caused by quality can be offered free.
7.Any question, call us or send email, we will try our best to satisfy you.


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